We offer programs to the world audience interested in raising their awareness about Tibet. These programs offer unique comprehensive immersive educational and practical in-the-field experiences. Our educational programs are designed to expose the participants to the history, culture, politics, social and spiritual aspects that shape and impact Tibetans’ lives. We also undertake projects to improve living conditions for Tibetan refugees and Indians in slums. We actively raise fund to meet the objectives of our projects.

School Outreach Programme-Part1
Mixing fun and game to teach young school children

The educational courses are strategically offered in McLeod Ganj, India, so that the program participants can have opportunities to interact with Tibetan Government in Exile cabinet members, listen to personal stories of activists, visit government departments offering social programs for the welfare of Tibetans, above all step inside the Parliament House Assembly Hall to understand complexities of running a government in exile.

Goats Project final-Part2

Our Ladakh project beneficiaries


Practical in-the-field programs are offered in Ladakh, India. Participants live among Tibetan refugees to gain an understanding of their day-to-day life challenges and travel along with nomad families to see the world through their eyes.

Tibet Hope Center has been offering these courses for eight years. We have witnessed these programs brought changes to the lives of program participants and hopes to Tibetan refugees.


We have also created volunteering opportunities for those who want to help our mission causes with their time, effort and skill. We work with our partners and volunteers alike to raise fund for these projects that we undertake to help Tibetan refugees and impoverished Indians living in slums.