Upon escape from Tibet, many Tibetans have settled down just across the border in the high mountain region of Ladakh in Northern India –  far away from home, where they need to maintain life under extreme conditions. These refugees live a nomadic life with almost nothing to sustain their own living, and the rough climate is making everyday life a big challenge especially during the winters when temperatures easily drop to below minus 25 degrees.

Tibet Hope Center is an NGO run by passionate people who are dedicated to support and uplift the most stricken people in the area. Three ongoing projects to support them are:

  1. Providing fuel to the ones in need during the cold winters for heating of houses and help the people stay healthy.
  2. A contribution of young female goats for the possibility to create a sustainable living and secure a source of income.
  3. Provision of funds for local children to attend school a have a basic education.

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Your contribution can make an enormous difference:

3000 INR / 315DKK / 46$ / 42.5€ / 37£ = 1 month of fuel during winter time for one family.

3000 INR / 315DKK / 46$ / 42.5€ / 37£ = 1 young goat for making wool and food production.

Please give hope where there is none and support the hard tried Tibetans of Ladakh.

Tibet Hope Center and the Tibetans of Ladakh hope for you to support their cause. Click here and donate money to give hope to those in need.