MOST ProTibet, Czech Republic
NorbulingaMonastery-2018-04-12 12.41.04
Visiting Norbulingka Monastery

HÖJSKOLENDK is a Danish traveling school and our partner for the last eight years. They travel to Dharamsala twice a year with new students interested in learning about other cultures. Tibet Hope Center has been the facilitator for their volunteering-educational travel, and this program is both educational for the student groups from Denmark and helpful for the Tibetan community in India.

VisitingChildrenSchool-AfternoonSession-2018-03-28 13.46.02
Visiting A Tibetan School

In the eight years of partnership, more than 400 HÖJSKOLENDK students have participated in the Tibetan Hope Center programs and projects. During their three-week-long visit in Dharamsala, they are presented with broad and in-depth information about Tibet’s history, culture, society, and politics. Students also participate in various volunteering opportunities that are designed for closer interactions with local communities and are geared towards solving existing social problems. Students get chances to listen to speakers having extensive personal experience in Tibetan community, take part in activities which are unique to Tibetan like Tibetan cooking classes, yoga, meditation, visiting Buddhist Monasteries and Nunneries etc. For our program participants, this is an invaluable educational experience to learn about Tibetan culture and ways of life. In exchange, the Tibetan community gets to present their cultural treasures and knowledge.

4thVolunteeringDay-PaintingMemorialPillar-2018-03-29 11.36.44
Volunteering at The Dalai Lama Temple complex, 2018

During HÖJSKOLENDK visit in 2017, the students have facilitated building projects in a slum to help the locals with basic necessities like a bridge to cross a stream, building a small shed for kids to learn, and securing safe drinking water; during the 2018 visit, they cleaned and repainted the Martyr Wall in The Dalai Lama Temple Complex in Dharamsala. HÖJSKOLENDK participants also visit a number of local schools where they teach kids English in fun and playful ways.

THC-thankyouCeremony-2018-04-13 11.23.54
Receiving Tibetan Style Thank You for Their Volunteer Effort, 2018