Cultural understanding
Volunteering experiences

Our partnership with any organization begins by understanding their needs and what combination of our resources can be custom taylored to meet those needs. We have built a database of programmes and projects over years of experience. These programmes are designed to offer participants cultural, social, political, volunteering, spiritual, and traveling experiences. A prime example of such a customized program is the one we follow with  HÖJSKOLEN partner when their students visit Dharamsala for three weeks twice annually. This partner has a unique need wanting their students to have exposure to all aspects of Tibetan and Indian cultures. Hence we put together a combination of intensive and immersive programmes and projects that focus on a holistic approach to the lives and welfare of Tibetan refugees, as well as a fun-filled cultural experience in Dharamsala, India.

The  Programme Schedule that we follow for HÖJSKOLEN can be downloaded below. While we continue to revise the schedule marginally by incorporating the feedback we receive from participants and the lessons we learn on the way, the core structure remains the same.

At a high level, the programs that we offer for international participants can be grouped into two categories; namely cultural understanding and volunteering experiences. As we have done for our partner HÖJSKOLEN, various submodules under each of these categories can be combined to form a new customized program to match needs of our partners. Our goal in the Tibet Hope Center is to pave the path for a transformative experience for all participants of our programmes.

Programme Schedule- Dharamsala