Winter Fuel

February 2020: The winter of Ladakh (India) is extremely cold. Its temperature falls down to (-20 to -40) Degree Celsius. 

In that situation, old and poor people suffer most because they can’t effort fuel for their home heating system to warm up their homes. They neither have the ability to collect fuel from the high up mountains nor have the money to buy it. So the only option left for them is to bear it. Then they not only suffer but their health deteriorates badly. So they will suffer more and die sooner.

Thanks to Mr. Nevin Rajasakran from South Africa with whose financial help; Tibet Hope Center is able to distribute 1300 Kg of wood logs to following needy old people in Ladakh Tibetan Settlement.

[The details of beneficiaries are disclosed to stakeholders only]

With these fuel supplies they will survive this winter comfortably. And Mr. Nevin kindly assured that more needy old people will be helped in future.

The detail report can be downloaded from here. Please, note, it is meant for stakeholders only; hence  it is password protected.







November 2020: Programme for Hojskolendk students from Denmark.

We successfully conducted programme for Danish students under the themes Cultural understanding and volunteering experiences. The detail of the programme is at this link.

Stipend Project


October 2016: Tibet Hope Center executed Stipend Project for old and poor people in Jangthang Ladakh. The project was funded by MOST ProTibet, located in the Czech Republic. The total budget was Rs 70000 and was distributed among ten beneficiaries. The poorest were given Rs 9000 each, and next to them were given Rs 7000 and third poorest were given Rs 5000 each. Download detailed report here.