One of our main projects is located in Ladakh, India, and working in favor of the Tibetan refugee community living there at over 4000 meters altitude where nomads live under extreme conditions of harsh weather and land.

Tibetan Woman with her herd of goats

The nomads keep  wandering with their herds of goats as their only resources and income. As a long term solution, we help them by giving education to their children. We believe that education is the solution for all the problems in long run. 

As a temporary rescue, we help those people by donating more young female goats to increase their herds and hence to improve the living standard of nomads. Unfortunately, this way of life is harsh for the elderly, and disabled in this community. The winter of Ladakh is so harsh and cold that its temperature could easily drop down under -25 degrees. Those elderly and disabled people have no opportunity to move themselves to warmer places during winter time. To survive the winter, these people need fuel to warm up their simple houses build of clay, but they do not have either the resources or the health to provide this for themselves. These Tibetans are seasonally cut-off from the surrounding world. 

With limited transportation opportunities, lack of education and poor communication skills, contact to international communities are thereby almost impossible. Hence, Tibet Hope Center is trying to reach the least reached.