Hojskolendk Nov 15

November 2015: 

Tibet Hope Center coordinated a volunteering cum educational tour for 24 students from a Danish travelling school called Hojskolendk. They spent 3 weeks in Dharamsala since 15th November to 5th December. During their stay at Dharamsala they were introduced to Tibetan arts and cultures; language and religion; food and recipes; dance and musics; issues and problems.

They also volunteered to help the people in slum, students in the school and cleaned some illegal dumping spot at Dharamsala.Tibet Hope Center organized a group audience with H.E. the Karmapa, the supreme head of the Kamtsang Kagyu, one of the major Tibetan religious tradition. They also had a road side glimpse of His Holiness the Dalai Lama near his residence at Dharamsala.