Our Vounteers and their Contributions
Hari He lives in Bangalore, South India. He volunteers remotely for over half-a-dozen years. He creates and edits our multimedia assets.
Mikkel Nielsen He lives in Denmark. He is our webmaster since 2016.
Varuni Narang He lives in New Delhi, India. He volunteered for a month in 2017.
Jack and Jamie This husband and wife couples visited Dharamshala in April 2018 as a part of their six-month world tour. They live in Chicago, USA. They volunteered only for a few days during their visit to this part of the world. Even in that short volunteering period, they prepared a valuable descriptive document to guide us through our marketing efforts.
Gowri Abhaya She lives in San Francisco, USA and visited Dharamsala principally to volunteer. During her visit, she took time to attend our Dharamsala program in April of 2018 and developed a deeper understanding of our goals. She remained as our long-term volunteer, working for us till today.

Like any non-profit organization, we depend on our volunteers. Their valuable time and skills are cornerstones for the success of Tibet Hope Center.   Some travelers visiting Dharamsala or Ladakh factor volunteering as one of their travel experiences. Usually, these volunteers offer their help for a short period of time and some of them continue their volunteering work even after returning back home from their travel. A few volunteers repeatedly get back in touch with us whenever they find time for volunteering.  Yet another set of volunteers prefer working from their remote locations finding time in-between their daily commitments. We do have another type of volunteers who work for us seasonally and the last but not the least kind of volunteers are those who stay with us all year long spanning multiple years.

We are fortunate to have dedicated volunteers and we are grateful for all we receive from them. If you or someone you know want to volunteer for the Tibet Hope Center causes, please submit the form below.