Varuni Narang, New Delhi  “Working with Tibet Hope Center has been nothing less than an enriching experience for me. The one month I spent with them in 2017, trying to understand their work and all the lives they have touched since their inception, has moved me. Working with their team and learning from them has been an honor. They showed me a lot of warmth, introducing me to their culture and way of life, helping me understand the struggles of the people they help, making me aware of all the ways in which they are trying to make a difference in this world. In the short period of time, I was with them, I hope to have done my bit to help them grow and continue the inspiring work they are doing.”

Marie and Eva, HÖJSKOLENDK students, that took part in the Dharamshala programme in March-April 2018.

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Vega, Mie, Katrine and Astrid, HÖJSKOLENDK students, March-April 2019

We are a group of 17 people who have volunteered at Tibet Hope Center for the past three weeks. We have experienced a lot of Tibetan culture while volunteering.

We started out by being introduced to the Tibet issue. Afterwords we had the opportunity to paint a wall at the local Tibetan school called DCV Day School.

Tibet Hope Center also introduced us to Bagdro, a monk and a political activist, whom we got to interview and have a nice conversation with. Here, he told us about his time in prison and his life now in Dharamsala.

We also got a tour of Dalai Lama’s temple where we saw monks meditating and practicing their spiritual scriptures. Here we also walked around the temple and heard about how Tibetan people self-immolated because they were fighting for a free Tibet. Afterwards we went to a Tibetan museum. Here we were introduced to alternative medicine and its use.

Tibet Hope Center gave us a tour of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile. Here we got to see and listen to The President of the Central Tibetan Administration named Sikyong.

We also got the opportunity to have a conversation with a Tibetan monk. He told us about meditation and the effect while meditating; meditation gives you a good energy and makes you feel good. He also talked about being thankful and grateful for your life.

Tibet Hope Center also arranged a tour to Norbulingka Institute. Here we saw Tibetan people making beautiful art by hand. Such as paintings, embroideries and wooden boxes. Afterwards we went to a temple where a lot of monks were practicing their scriptures and we got to sit and meditate beside them.

During our stay we also visited Tibetan Institute and Performing Arts. Here we were introduced to a lot of talented Tibetan musicians and heard Tibetan music. These experiences would not have been the same without Damdul, Lobsang and Tindar and their enthusiasm. Thank you Tibet Hope Center.