What differences can you make as a volunteer?

We treasure our volunteers as a valuable reservoir of skills, talents, and empathy.

Your volunteering will,

  • Help Tibet Hope Center to run our projects more effectively and cost efficiently.
  • Help uplift the financial conditions of many needy Tibetans.
  • Help the children of poor nomadic families to get a modern education.
  • Be beneficial for all stake holders (including yourself) in many different ways.

Which type of work we can offer you?

We can offer volunteering opportunities in:

  • Video editing.
  • Documentation.
  • Blogging.
  • Content editing.
  • Web design.
  • Media management.
  • Promotion and advertisement.
  • Research & Surveys.
  • Fundraising.

Of course it is possible to take up combination of the two or more projects since they are closely related.
Even if you have totally other expectations of your volunteering work, try to contact us. We will be more than happy to either create a special project for you or set you up with some of our many contacts in Dharamsala or Ladakh.

Do you need any qualifications?

A kind heart and the will to help are the essentials to be a volunteer. We expect you to be enthusiastic about the work at Tibet Hope Center.

No certificate is needed as long as you are willing to help.


Expenses involved during your volunteering:

  • Accommodation:  As of now, we are unable to provide food and accommodation to our volunteers. However, we can help our volunteers to find the accommodation of their need and in accordance to their budget.
  • Fee:  We don’t charge any fee for our volunteers. However, we gratefully accept donations if some of the volunteers would like to make it.
  • Cost:  During the time of volunteering, the expenses of your stay would depend on several factors like location, season and quality of services you would like to have.


What benefit are there for volunteers of Tibet Hope Center?

  • You will have the opportunity to study deep into socio-cultural lives of Tibetan refugee communities in India.
  • You will get the opportunities to be with the people with very interesting and touching personal stories.
  • You will get the opportunities to see Dharamsala and Ladakh; both of which are most sought after tourist destinations.
  • You can be  a part of any on-going projects of Tibet Hope Center and learn practical knowledge and skills.
  • You will get very good subject for your research, thesis, photography, videography, book writing, article writing etc.
  • You will get an experience certificate at the end of your volunteering; if needed.