In the region of Ladakh, India, Tibetan nomads live in exile under extreme conditions. In the harsh mountain landscape in 4,000 meters (12,000 feet) altitude, they wander with herds of goats as they are their only source of income. Unfortunately, this way of life is too harsh for the elderly and disabled. They have no opportunity to move themselves to warmer places during the winter season when temperatures can go down to minus 25 degrees Celsius. To survive the winter bitter cold, these people need fuel to warm up their simple houses built of clay, but they do not have either the resources or the health to provide this for themselves.

With the generous financial aids from M.O.S.T. (Czech Republic), Tibet Hope Center deliver 10 bags of fuel to each of the neediest nomads to help them through winter. Unfortunately, to get through a winter season, a family needs four times what we are able to provide them with the current funding. With your donation, we hope to help the nomads even more. For only 3,000 INR (46 US$) we can provide enough fuel for one family for a whole month.